Estill Testimonials

"The Estill courses are fabulous! The vocal health concepts inherent in every Estill exercise have allowed me to sing jazz with greater confidence by helping to increase my range and flexibility.  In my opinion, the Estill method is really a God-send."

- Connaitre Miller-Associate Professor of Music, Coordinator of Jazz Vocal Studies, and director of the award winning “Afro Blue” at Howard University, Washington, DC

"The first and most dramatic personal realization was learning in level 1 that I was not “cheating” with my singing technique when I sang rock, or jazz, or musical theater. Hearing other excellent voice teachers corroborate my experience and support it with credible, scientific explanations."

- Gail Springer, Professor of Performing Arts College of Santa Fe.

"I’m not sure how I taught voice before knowing the Estill model. It has revolutionized my teaching, as well as my own singing, and I am grateful for the knowledge.

The community of Estill teachers and students is welcoming and enhancing of newcomers. The commitment to continued research and learning fosters and supportive collegial environment that encourages individual growth in a way that I’ve rarely experienced in other situations."

- Beth Morrison, Pace University, Adjunct professor of voice

“I honestly don’t know how I taught musical theater singers before learning the Estill voice model. Across the board, I have found my students making enormous leaps in their technical abilities, often in one lesson. This is a technique that every musical theater singer should be exposed to.

- Andrew Byrne
, Vocal Coach/Conductor- New York City

"After having a classical voice teacher for 35 years, I have been working with EVTS since 2000 and I have so much more progress with my students now that I wonder how it was ever capable to teach at all with out it."

- Janis Williams, Certified master (FUTURE CCI)

"I wasn’t able to sing softly in the high range cry and by doing range and anchoring I learned how to do that. By doing EVTS I ended up with a wide range of colors where I had a few colors with always the same type of vibrato."

- Anja Blom, Singing teacher at the Conservatory of Enschede. The Netherlands.

"The Estill model has changed my life-my technique as a singer and teacher has become much more complete. Analyzing and solving all kinds of problems and quick results are what the EVI makes possible. EVI values all kinds of  styles. No aesthetic bias whick makes it unique."

- Helga Westmark, CCI- singer, composer, and voice teacher


"If you are looking for a clear and complete model for understanding the voice then Estill model is it!"

- Juliet Singler, Assistant Professor of Music, Past President, San Diego NATS

"This model empowers the user and delivers a failure- proof technique which allows the student to become his or her own teacher and vocal therapist."

- Helen Tiller, Helen Tiller and Associates, Flinders University

"It was nice to be reminded of how important my Estill training has been in guiding me to the point I’m at today. I’ve had more tools, thanks to Jo, than almost any of my other colleagues as both a teacher and therapist."

-Joan Lader, Voice Coach (Broadway, Pop, Opera)—New York City

"Thank you for a fantastic model. Estill has helped me understand my own voice and my students’ voices. This model has made my own singing and my teaching so much richer!"

- Sinikka Thorn, Swedish Voice Coach